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A dancer as well as a singer and an actor, this is Manuel Frattini, a complete performer who seems to be born for Musicals.

Thanks to his universally acknowledged qualities and to his versatility he has rapidly become one of the most famous and appreciated italian Musical performers.

His career started several years ago with the most watched television variety shows (such as “Fantastico”, “Pronto… è la Rai?”, “La sai l’ultima?”, “Festivalbar”) were he was lead dancer and coreographer. His partners were well-known showgirls as Heather Parisi, Paola Barale, Pamela Prati.

His passion for Musical Theater led him to leave television sets as soon as the age of Musicals arrived in Italy :


1991   A Chorus Line

Directed by Saverio Marconi for La Compagnia della Rancia

  • It’s his first Musical, as Mike Costa Manuel has a great personal success. The show wins the “Golden ticket” award.


1996 - 97   Singing in the rain

Directed by Saverio Marconi for La Compagnia della Rancia

  • He is Cosmo Brown (as the great Donald O'Connor in the famous movie),
  • He wins the Bob Fosse Award- The Musicals Oscar 1996
  • and Danza & Danza Award as Best young Italian performer 1996/1997
  • and First National Sandro Massimini Award (International Operetta Festival in Trieste), with the following motivation : "Best young Italian performer, and an admirable example of professional commitment. These qualities enabled him to develop his dancing skills  into the exceptional skills of a versatile, complete and imaginative showman ".


1998 - 1999  Seven brides for seven brothers

Directed by Saverio Marconi for La Compagnia della Rancia

  • He interprets Gedeon, the youngest brother, with a memorable personal style. Critics, media and public focus their attention on Manuel: this is his first, real success.

1999 - 2000 e 2000 - 2001 -  Tribute to George Gershwin – An American in Paris

Director and coreographer is Franco Miseria. Starring Christian De Sica

  • Manuel wins the Danza & Danza Award for the second time


2001  Musical Maestro!

Written by Manuel Frattini, Fabrizio Angelini and Giovanni Maria Lori

  • This is the first attempt of an independent Musical and notwithstanding a short Tour it collects great consensus.
  • He wins the Vignale Danza Award


2001 - 2002   The Little Shop of Horrors

Directed by Saverio Marconi for La Compagnia della Rancia

  • Manuel is Seymour,  the male protagonist; the Italian singer Rossana Casale is Audrey.


2003 - 2006  Pinocchio il grande Musical

Directed by Saverio Marconi for La Compagnia della Rancia - music by Pooh

  • In the italian kolossal-musical Manuel is Pinocchio. The show  makes its début at the Teatro Diners della Luna (today Allianz Theater), a new, big theater that was expecially built for this event in Milan.
  • The show is also broadcast on TV (Christmas 2005).
  • Manuel wins the 2003 IMTA Award
  • and the Musical Award 2004 as best protagonist.
  • and the Arca d’argento Award 2005 for his “extraordinary skill as an interpreter  and as a Musicals booster in Italy”.


2005 - 2006   Toc Toc a Time for Musical

Directed by Mauro Simone, written and set up together with the other protagonists, lirycs by Stefano D’Orazio

  • Manuel is himself in a new story that tells his artistic carreer through famous scenes of the Musicals he interpreted up to now.


2006 - 2008  Peter Pan il Musical

Directed by Maurizio Colombi for Teatro delle Erbe, music by Edoardo Bennato

  • Manuel is Peter Pan, the boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He has a great success.
  • The show wins the Golden Ticket award and the title of “most seen Musical”.


2008 - 2010  Robin Hood il  Musical

Directed by Christian Ginepro for Nausicaa, Music by Beppe Dati

  • Manuel is Robin Hood , the well known hero, and collects success for two Seasons.


2009  Pinocchio in Korea

  • August 2009: Pinocchio is represented at Seoul, in Korea, and the success it has is overwhelming.


2010  Pinocchio il grande Musical – in Italy again

  • After the conclusion of  his Tour as Robin Hood, Manuel  is Pinocchio again, during the latest and prestigious dates in Naples, Rome, and Sardinia.
  • The show has been performed 430 times up to now, in front of 460.000 spectators.


2010/2011  Aladin il Musical

Written by Stefano D’Orazio, Directed by Fabrizio Angelini for Nausica, music by Pooh

  • Manuel is Aladin. The show makes its début on the 7th and 8th of august at the  prestigious Festival La Versiliana and will be represented in the major theaters in Italy dating from November.


october 2010  Pinocchio in New York!

Italy's most famous puppet landed in the U.S.A. One magic week in New York to make the american public dream in an italian athmosphere...

2011 - 2012  Peter Pan il Musical

Directed by Maurizio Colombi for Il Sistina. Music By Edoardo Bennato

  • Manuel is back  in the role that gave him great popularity and love by his public, and the magic is back with the same success.

summer  2012 - 2013 - summer 2014-15  Sindrome da Musical

Written by  Lena Biolcati, artistic  consultancy by Stefano D'Orazio. Directed by Alfonso Lambo

  • Manuel is himself, affected by a "Musical disease", in a very amusing story that allows him to present pieces from famous Musical Shows.


  • Carreer award - Tip Tap Day  in Rome  31st/05/2013

The success gained by Sindrome da Musical is so wide that a reprise in external arenas is organized for summer 2013 and from october to december in other italian theaters.

2013 - 2014 - 2015 Cercasi Cenerentola

Directed by Saverio Marconi and Marco Iacomelli for La Compagnia della Rancia, written by Saverio Marconi and Stefano D'orazio music by Stefano Cenci

  • Manuel is Rodrigo, faithful and reliable counselor of an unusually comic Prince Charming (Paolo Ruffini). Manuel is a Star performer, a dancer, a unique straight man and an improviser in this modern and lively version of Cinderella. The girl lives in the 50s, the story was adjusted with modern references and can entertain and amuse both adults and children.

settembre 2015 - Pinocchio il Grande Musical

  • One of th events organized for Expo 2015, Pinocchio is back on stage with Compagnia della Rancia. A few summer dates after which the Musical is performed at Teatro della Luna in Milan in september and october, and then a tour in other italian theaters. A totally renewed cast headed by Manuel Frattini will take the audience back again in the magic world of Pinocchio.